New Products

Left to right:
  1. Agee jar Queen Ann. Three from a single rose.
  2. Agee jar medium. Maximum 60 watt bulb.
  3. Agee jar Queen Ann with squirrel cage lamp and one 60 watt bulb.
  4. Agee jar small with pygmy 15 watt lamp in textured black finish and cotton flex.
    Can be used as a table lamp.
(Click photos for larger images.)

Cube 4 light in ironstone finish. Length 1200mm x 200mm wide x 250mm high. (3 light length 1000mm)
Can be mounted on rods instead of chain.

Horse Shoe pendant or free standing light.

Left to right:
  1. Industrial shade. 310mm on tee-bar.
  2. Industrial shade. 420mm diameter in shist brown finish. Maximum 100 watt bulb.
  3. Industrial wall light. 310mm od shade and soild brass bracket. Maximum 100 watt bulb.
    Shade colours to suit.