Kitchen Light Fittings

Above left: Italian Bon cord, three-core cloth flex, with 470mm coolee shade.
Above right Single pendants mounted on an angled ceiling.

Above: Five-light colour matched to ceiling in off white.
Above left: Painted rod sets with alabaster glass.
Above right Ribbed acid 300mm (od) glass, painted rods to match bench top.

Above: A frame 3-light with 300mm (od) glass. Length: 1250mm.
Above left: A frame 2-light with 180mm (od) alabaster glass. Length: 750mm.
Above right Single pendants with 240mm (od) alabaster glass.

Above: Angled rods and acid glass.
Above: Galaxy 5-light: painted in with old verd with Swarovski golden teak crystal.
Above: Rod sets with albaster glass 300mm (od).
Above left: Made-to-order single wall light.
Above right Single 12v x 50 watt spot; can be painted to suit.
Above left: Italian bon cord with 3-core rope cloth flex and 390mm (od) coolee shade.
Above centre: Pym 270mm acidon rod sets.
Above right: Rod set made to order with 240mm (od) alabaster glass.
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